The Missing Mediator – Science Debates in a Knowledge Society

Hanns-J. Neubert was organiser and speaker at ESOF on 7 July 2010 in Turin, Italy. He reported about the German Science Debate (Wissenschaftsdebatte), initiated by TELI, and proposed to have science debates all over Europe, which could be facilitated by the European Union of Science Journalists‘ Associations EUSJA through its member organisations in 24 countries….

1987: Dangerous Journey – German Research Vessel »Meteor« between Djibouti and Oman

In 1987 the newly built German research vessel »Meteor« set sail towards the Indian Ocean. During the travel section between Djibouti and Oman, Hanns-J. Neubert and Ernst Hammers documented the research work for the German TV. The 45 minutes documentary was broadcasted first in autumn 1987. Before the expedition started, an explosion in the centrally…